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By Alison A. Trites

Phrases like 'witness' and 'testimony' take place often in non secular contexts and feature precise value there, culminating within the improvement of the Greek martus (witness) into the English 'martyr'. in addition they have a felony context, and Professor Trites examines their use within the New testomony within the mild of old felony perform. the writer argues that the belief of witness is a stay metaphor within the New testomony, to be understood when it comes to the outdated testomony criminal meeting, although the Greek lawcourts also are suitable. The witness topic is built in a sustained manner in John, Acts and Revelation, and is additionally utilized in the Synoptic Gospels, the Pastoral and basic Epistles, and Hebrews. In contexts of persecution and discomfort the forensic metaphors are usually pointed out with army ones, yet in precept they're particularly particular. Professor Trites contends that the belief of witness on the subject of Christ and his gospel performs a necessary half within the New testomony and in Christian religion and existence as a rule.

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1: 8) or to watch (Gen. 31: 49) or to judge (Gen. ' 3 In New Testament times Jews were swearing 'by heaven', 'by the earth', 'by Jerusalem', 'by your head' and 'by the temple' (Mt. 5: 34; 23: 16; James 5: 12). Some oaths were regarded as binding, others were not (69efAei, Mt. 23: 16, 18) 1 Unger, op. cit. , II Sam. 12: 5; 14: 11—19). J. M. Robinson, The Problem of History in Mark (London, 1957), p. 37, notes an unusual use of an oath in Mk 5: 7, but cf. Acts 19: 13 and Paris Magical Papyrus, line 13, cited in G.

Gen. 31: 36, 37; Job 13: 7-9). , Gen. 44: 4; Ex. 2: 13; 17: 3; I Sam. 2: 23; 22: 13; 26: 15). 1 H. J. Boecker, Redeformen des Rechtslebens im Alien Testament (NeukirchenVluyn, 1964), p. 42. 37 THE CONTROVERSY IN ISAIAH 4O-55 6. The Challenge to the Opponent The opponent is challenged to bring forward facts forgotten by the speaker which favour his case: 'Put me in remembrance, let us argue together; set forth your case, that you may be proved right' (43: 26). Similarly, whoever can raise a stronger claim is invited to submit and prove it: 'Does anyone claim to be my equal?

Is there a God besides me? 1 In 44: 7 the gods and their supporters are again challenged to a controversy (cf. 4 1 : 1-5, 21-9; 43: 8-13). The text of the verse has suffered in transmission, for the words 'let him stand up' have fallen out. However, it may be restored from the LXX (OTTITCO), for Hebrew legal terminology supports it (since 'dmad is used as a typical technical term) and the context resembles 4 1 : 2 iff. and 43: 9. Moreover the verb 'drak is used here of setting forth a legal case (cf.

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